Joseph Vergnetti , Glen Lajeski                       Mrs. Ellen .M. Charles
  Dassin Reg                                               Hillwood Reg

A dedication to Poodles for over 43 years.
Breeders of over 300 champions both in confirmation , obedience , and agility.
Many of the breeds top sires and dams over the past 43 years.

Accomplishments we treasure:
Breeder of the year non sporting in AKC show 2003
Breeder of the year 2006 dogs in review
Breeder of the year 2009 dogs in review
Number 1 non sporting dog 2009.
All because our dogs have wonderful personalities with human traits , as healthy as Poodles can be, and are conformationaly correct in a distinct type of our own.
With the assistance of Bonny Datema & Georgiann DeWerth for over 20 years.

Standard / Miniature / Toy