Dassin   Hillwood
​          Accomplishments

With Dassin/Hillwood many Accomplishments over the years there is one we hold dearest to our hearts.​​
The Freeman C Dickey Memorial Trophy
​Joseph D. Vergnetti offers through the Poodle Club of America , Inc.
For competition at its Natonal Specialty Shows only , thr Freeman C. Dickey Memorial Trophy for Best in Bred by Exhibitor Classes. 
For permanent possession to be Won three times by the same owner or owners not necessarily with  the same dog or at consecutive shows.​​

Finishing her championship at the Poodle Club of America under Miniature Poodle  breeder Helen Tomb-Taylor 
Retiring the Freeman C. Dickey Memorial Trophy which has stood for close to 20 years.
​H. Hillwood DassinTulip Gardens Snow Sprite